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Centaur baby


Centaur baby


I illustrated another map of the U.S for Slate!

A sweet for every state:

Some people have questioned me about a few of the choices on the map, but keep in mind, I didn’t write the article or make the choices! I just got hungry drawing it.

You can see my previous sports map here.


100 Abandoned Houses, 2010-2014 | by Kevin Bauman


You guys!  Today is PUBLICATION DAY for my new picture book called HUG MACHINE!!

That is right!  HUG MACHINE is out today in stores all over the place.  This is incredibly exciting for me because this will be the first picture book in which I have both written the words AND drawn the pictures.  An exciting milestone, my friends.

HUG MACHINE is the story of a child who is super down with hugging.  He is the self-proclaimed Hug Machine and he is very excited to tell everyone about it. He is very good at hugging and he is not shy to show the world.  He is ready for you to watch how amazing he is at hugging.

You can read more about this at

And if you want to print out activities for your kids that are all about the Hug Machine, you can go to 


Animals made out of fruit and vegetables


Scarves by Shovava


My first book, ONCE UPON A CLOUD with Dial Press at Penguin is finally finished! Its up for preorder -here- and will be in stores in Spring 2015. These are some of the pages of characters little Celeste meets in the story. 


Through the Woods, Emily Carroll


Through the Woods, Emily Carroll